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Registration System
We offer a solution called Citizen Management System that ensures citizens have a complete electronic record of their civil information, medical information, educational information, job information, criminal records, also all the movements and travels inside & outside the country, the property & assets, the qualifications & competencies and more.
The system centrally accessed and secure system, the system capable of true record management, capturing complex data from even the remotest areas so a complete citizen record is available in real-time.
During civil registration, all required information shall be updated in a central database where citizens can apply passports / any certificates can easily get and it can support for E-Passport technology.
PRISMS is a Web-based Prison Management Software developed by GOA ELECTRONICS LIMITED(GEL) with point and click access to all functions of the Jail. Application is built with a user-friendly design. The extremely high level of system-wide integration increases efficiency by eliminating redundant data entry. System-wide use of user defined code tables provides for uniform data entry and validation. Access to the applications is by user-defined ID and Password. Unauthorized attempts are logged. A complete log is maintained for each user. The software is organized with a modular design, so that agencies may choose to utilize only those modules that are applicable to their needs. The software is configurable for an unlimited number of users. The Main modules of the Software include

Online Invoicing Managment System

Online Library Management System

Hospital Management System

School Management System

Online Birth & Death management Stsyem

Online Genealogical Management System

Car rental Project

Job Portal Management System

Beauty & Barber Management System

Client Management System

Curfew e-pass management System

Teachers Record management System

Content relationship Management System

Organisation & member Management System

Prison Management System