Logo & Business card Design

Business Card

A business card is a handy tool for communication and networking. At its best, it is a brief and concise description of the company and its services. It is best to start planning business cards by structuring the necessary content.

We design a clear and stylish business card for your business. You will receive a ready-made business card as a ready-to-print PDF in your email. If you like, we will print the products for you and get ready-made business cards directly to your preferred address. Ask for a quote

Design brochure or flyer

Brochures and flyers are a good way to market a product, company or service. With a good looking and informative flyer, you will be alert to your customers.


We will get flyers and brochures with a unique design on one or two sides. You will get a ready flyer as a ready-to-print PDF in your email. If you want, we will print the products for you and get them ready for delivery to the desired address.

Logo Design

Logo creates the first impression of your business. It communicates the business sector and the identity of your business. So you should think about what and what kind of things you want to communicate. What are your business values? How would you like to stand out from your competitors?

A good logo is clear, recognizable and easy to remember. At its simplest, the logo can be just a text book of your business name, but it can often be associated with some graphic element or artwork.

Updating an old logo


Updating an old and a well-established logo should take into account an already existing brand. In practice, storing an old logo, something old and new can be imported, for example with new font options or an updated color scheme.

In cases where the logo has not been in full use or is otherwise inaccessible to the visual appearance, the old logo can be rejected and left on a clean sheet.

Designing the logo step by step

1. Describe your wishes

Tell the graphicist your wishes and needs for designing the logo. Are there any examples? Color preferences?

2. Planning is started

Logo is designed based on your wishes, you get logo suggestions in your email.

3. Select the options

Choose from the options as you like, hope for changes if needed.

4. Ready Logos Package

The Logotype contains all the required file formats for printing and other uses.

Logo design price

The price of the logo depends on the design and implementation of the logo according to the hours worked. The required workload for the logo is influenced, among other things, the visibility of the logo and the number of details. Therefore, the illustrator logos are usually a bit more laborious than the text logos.

Log design is usually faster if the customer has some kind of vision of what a brandy he wants. For example, a customer may look for the logo of other companies, the ones whose design he particularly likes. This helps the graphic artist to create a customized logo for the customer.

However, you should not worry if you do not yet know what kind of logo would suit your business best. You can also worry about leaving the logo idea in our graphic design company, which designs the right logo for your business needs.

See the chart on the logotype in the table below. Contact us and tell us what kind of logo you need.